Devcon Security

Devcon Security provide homes and businesses with modern security products and monitoring.

They can customize their systems to meet whatever need your Dallas-Fort Worth area home or business requires. They install all kinds of systems, from small residential systems and local business security installations to large, complicated commercial video surveillance and alarm systems.

Their monitoring experts can also notify medical rescue personnel when you need it. Their medical alert systems are a way to provide you peace of mind, while giving you the freedom to continue to live at home. These emergency response systems provide a direct line to help you in an emergency. They also come with a lightweight medical alert pendant. In the event of any kind of emergency, their customers can press the button on the pendant to notify Devcon.

Devcon offers:

Home Monitoring Systems
Remote Video Monitoring
Remote activation of lights, thermostat and appliances
Medical alerts
Track entry and exits

Visit Devcon for more information.

Do you want to save money each month on your service bill?

Protect America has you do the actual installation of their alarm systems. The systems are completly wireless, so they are easy to put up. By having you set the system up, Protect America gives you a big break on their monthly charge.

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